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A songwriter plays a chord with the faith that he will hear the next one in his head. -- Bono

by Hoachy

This show is awesome. The band have come of age and have found the right balance of the music and the technology. The screens were used to great effect and didnt ruin the intimacy of the quieter moments.

This was my 8th U2 concert going back to The Joshua Tree tour and we are now back to concerts on a par with the ZOO TV tour which simply blow you away and leave you breathless for more, especially with the Vertigo version at the end. The band were on top form and my own worries about the strength and range of Bono's voice lately (from bootlegs I had heard) were overcome as he belted out song aftersong but the strength and emotion of Sometimes showed he is not finished yet. Adam in particular seemed to enjoy himself as did Edge. Larry concentrates so hard all night that his face looks grumpy on the screen till the big smile cracks and lets you know he is loving it too.

I was to the centre left of the stage just behind the bomb shelter had a good view and the sound was also good - most folks I have spoken to who thought teh sounds was bad seem to have been at the other end so perhaps the speakers were out I don't know but at the ridiculous prces we paid you would think these things would be 100%.

And then there were the songs. Each one seemed to be tweaked pulled and elevated to get the most out of it. I loved hearing Electric Co again it sends a shiver through me each time I hear it live. Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Years Day stil make the hairs on my neck stand, Yahweh was better than I ever thought it would be live.

The stage was stunning and in the end felt like the band had almost earned the money I paid, and so did my wife which amazed me more because she was even more critical of the pricing.

The coexist symbol is a great addition and can be found here http://www.coexistence.art.museum/eng/exhibitions/coex3.htm.

Overall impression? A return to top form and long may it continue, just wish I could afford to see more shows on this tour. I have grown up with this band and hope that continues.

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