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"Edge's creative pulse is so zen you can hardly hear it. He makes less noise than me and there's less damage to the people and buildings around him." — Bono

by Richard Galloway

Its hard to put into words what a truly magnificent experience it is to see U2 live. Hopefully this review will go some way to doing that.

We hit the GA lines around 16.30 and after a short wait we were moving. I thought there would be no hope of getting into the front section as so many folk in a number of lines were streaming in. To my delight we managed to get into the front section and had a prime spot just beside the Target on Adams side. The stage looked impressive even in the sunshine with no lights on.

The support acts were ok but nothing great.

U2 hit the stage around 20.50 and launched into Vertigo. The initail crowd reaction was immense with folk (me included) jumping up and down as one whilst singing every word. The energy continued with All Because Of You and golden oldie The Electric Co. Bono didn't talk much between songs but when the music is as good as this, why not let it do all the talking?

The new songs were superb with highlights being Love and Peace, Miracle Drug and City Of Blinding Lights. All accompanied by innovative lighting arrangements. Bono, Adam and Larry all made trips down to the target on our side and gave the fans some amazing photo opportunities. Only Edge stayed on the far side but then thats his side isn't it.

New Years Day, ISHFWILF and WGRYWH were awesome and it was a real treat to hear all 3 of these great songs in one night. The piano led version of Running... was spot on and the awesome finale to the main set of Pride, Streets and One must have left most of us hoarse from singing. The lights on Streets were incredible.

After a short break, the encore began with the throwback to ZOO TV of ZOO Station and The Fly back to back. All the small things were in place from the quick fire slogans on screen and Bono silhouetted on the big screens kicking the air in time to the music. The sound was incredible. WOWY was next and seemed to stike the right note emotionally with the crowd. They don't do this number in every show now so hearing it felt that little bit better. One lucky woman so I believe was pulled from the crowd and got to dance with Bono in the usual manner as cameras went off everywhere.

The second encore consisted of new song Yahweh which featured Larry on keyboards. The acoustic version is better than the album version and that cleared the way for Vertigo Number 2 this time with a dazzling light show.

What a night, what a show, what a band. As I said in another review of a show i attended in 2001, its a special thing to see your heroes up close doing what they do best. Its all made that little better when they live up to the expectations you have.

Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, keep doing what you do as you do it better than the rest.

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