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"The top of the food chain are not actors but stand-up comics. They're telling things the way they are without people even noticing." — Bono

by Pedro Maloy

Having read the reviews of the Hampden gig, I'm disappointed with the reaction of some U2 'fans'.
I have never met a real U2 fan who has left a show early and to do so because of the sound quality in our 'National Stadium' is pretty poor in my opinion.
Whilst I agree the sound wasn't the best, it's hard to disagree with quality of the boys display. Everyone was outstanding - especially Edge (as usual) and Bono who was in a menacing mood all night, right from the intro to Vertigo.
Highlights for me were Electic Co, The Streets and Zoo Station - totally brilliant.
So come on guys, blame 'Hampdump' for the sound, drop the negativity and drop the debt!!!!
See you on Friday!!!!!!

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