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"A lot of bands from being on the stage, steal the audience's power. At the end of a U2 concert, the audience still has its power." — Larry

by James Andrew

This was my fifth UK show (and ninth of the year) in a row so pretty knackered right now, especially after the heat at Twickenham. Im Scottish so last night was the one I looked forward to the most. First up, same setlist as London 2 which is a bit lazy. The first time theyve played the same set two nights in a row this year as far as I can tell. Could someone not have pointed this out to them as they must surely realise there are a large number of fans attending more than one UK show ?

Plus points - Interpol were magnificent, BRMC were good as well and lets face it as long as they werent Athlete it was always going to be a bonus. Wild Horses was magnificent again as was Love and Peace, Electric Co, Zoo Station and Elevation.

Minus points - as I said its got to be the set list. They could easily have played Mysterious Ways instead of With Or Without You just to make it slightly different to the last show. There now seems to be too many songs in the set that they are too scared to omit and its coming down to them playing 5 out of 7 from Horses, WOWY, ISHFWILF, AIWIY, Follow, ABOY & M Ways. Glad I went to the USA earlier and heard An Cat Dubh, Into The Heart, Gloria, Bad, Original Of The Species, The Ocean and 40 now as they all seem to have been forgotten about already. It will be interesting to see what happens in Dublin.

Anyway rant over, theyre still the best band in the world and its a fantastic show !

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