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"Some of my favorite writers are clever with words. But the ones I go back to are the ones that are clever with ideas." — Bono

by Sab

This was my 17th U2 show in 20 years and without a doubt the worst by a mile. Sound was abysmal if you were outside the golden circle. There were speakers places further back, just too far back directly in front of the stands resulting in the sound bouncing directly back resulting in a double sound + echo making the show unlistenable. Sound mix was also abysmal. Didn't matter where you positioned yourself on the pitch (outwith the golden circle) there was major sound problems mainly due to bad speaker positioning at the rear of the stadium.

That said it could've been worse if you had a seat in the stadium left / right of you were actually behind stage level and your only view was directly into the side of a speaker stack with no view of the band whatsoever except when they walked down the catwalks.
Sticking a video screen on the side of the speaker stack just isn't good enough (people paid £70 to see the band not to watch TV & also deserve semi decent sound). Makes all the talk of capitalism ironic / hypocritical.

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