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"Edge made me listen to [our old material] for The Best Of, and I was bracing myself, cause I think I sound like a very opinionated girl. Just screaming my head off. But then I actually listened to it and I thought, 'My God, there's pure joy here.'" — Bono

by John Houston

Gig was brilliant!

The band took a few songs to get into the mood- it was Electric Co that really shook it up and got it into gear.(After all these years that still really IS a great song).

Bono was even more swanky than usual- strutting about at the start and going on about funny walks and then giving us some exagerated examples...? They're all so calm & laid back on stage that they're almost horizontal.

The musicianship was very, very polished and for a live gig that aspect was flawless- I'm not sure in amongst their mega-star hugeness and catchy "pop" songs people appreciate just how profficient they are at their trade.

Sound was variable- (I was on pitch LHS near but not that close to the front) some songs much better than others- Bono's sound wasn't so hot on a few songs- but not a huge issue with me (I was continually interpreting for the folks around me; "what'd he say?"!)

I thought Larry had a great night- he worked hard and had a super sound- with big- "I'm pleased with myself after that" smirks and smiles at the end of a few numbers.

The crowd were great- I was lucky to be in amongst a wee group of energetic- but sober and considerate- pogoers- and together there really was a super collective buzz.

Biggest surprise was just how good Wild Horses was- there was so much energy and passion it was like a punch in the face and got my heart racing. Sunday Bloody Sunday was as good as I've ever heard it and surprisingly fresh- it might even have been their best song on the night- absolutely not what I expected-Streets or Wild Horses would be a close 2nd- whereas Beautiful Day to me felt overworked.

After playing Pride & Streets- which were both fantatsic I felt that One was actually a bit of an anti-climax. Although most dissapointing song for me on the night was probably Yahweh. Maybe too new for me to appreciate amongst such great classics.

Wasn't as impressed by the sound during the encore but the Zoo-set box of tricks was great and would have been even better if it hadn't been so light in Glasgow. (I think we lost a lot of the set wizardry on the night for that reason).

The finale with Vertigo was just pure U2 magic - it absolutely worked as a parting shot, getting into every single person, by that stage everyone was jumping and it was just a frenzy.

This was my 5th U2 concert and I'd say would rate 2nd to Barrowlands (Unforgettable Fire tour) in 1984. Certainly as good as Popmart at Murrayfield in 1997.

£56 to get in £15 for a programme and £20 for a T-shirt! (after going on about the politics of capitalism during the show that stuck in the craw a bit).

Can't wait to go through the full set list at home and hopefully trade at some point for a recording of the gig.

Now I wonder if a jaunt to Barcelona really is doable....

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