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Our definition of art is putting your head above the parapet, and be ready for the custard pie. I happen to love the taste of it. -- Bono

by Lawrence

I can not even begin to tell you how disappointed I am about last night's show. I paid the official ticket price – plus booking fee – of £130 (about double what I have ever paid for a U2 ticket before) for my wife and I to see the side of the stage and a screen about one third of the size of the two screens at the front.

Seeing the pictures of the stage on this site makes me even more devastated to know what I missed. We were just about halfway round the horseshoe (in the west stand behind the goal) and there must have been at least two banks of seats that would have been in a worse position than me! If you are going to sell 'restricted view' seats, at least have the decency to let people know what they are buying.

As for the concert ... Electric Co. and Elevation were outstanding. Although as has been mentioned the sound was not great. Where I was you struggled to make out what Bono was saying, but thankfully the songs came through.

It even got to the stage that I was beginning to feel a tad p*ssed off with Bono's "let's end world poverty" rants when I was feeling completely ripped off.

I’ve been to the last four tours and to this day the live in my mind ... this concert will also live on, but for very different reasons.

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