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"Forming U2 was a way out — it was also a way in to expressing how I felt constructively, as opposed to banging my own or somebody else's head off a wall." — Bono, 1980

by Steven Nelson

Absolutely knackered today after all the queuing and sun yesterday but well worth it. Yesterday was the 2nd time I'd seen U2 - the first being the Manchester MEN Arena in 2001. Have to say last night surpassed it by quite a distance.

Some random thoughts....

Was a bit apprehensive of the sound quality as this was to be my first stadium gig, but no complaints from me. I've read reports of the sound being not so good further back on the floor and I have geniune sympathy for anyone there as the sound can make or break a gig for me.

Bono's voice was stunning compared to the last tour, I don't know if he's easing up on the booze and smokes but hope he continues to do whatever he's doing!

Edge on fine form as ever, as were Larry and Adam. We were positioned a few feet from the left catwalk and got to see Edge going mental during Electric Co - probably one of the highlights for me.

Other highlights......

Stunning versions of Running to Standstill, Sometimes and a great stripped down version of Yahweh.

Nice to hear classics such as With Or Without You, Still Haven't Found and Wild Horses, especially seeing as they've not been played too often on tour so far.

All tracks from the How to Dismantle..... sounded awesome, especially Sometimes, although Miracle Drug and City of Blinding Lights deserve a mention.

Too many other highlights to mention - great visuals, good crowd, Interpol.

Low points........

Keeping the fans waiting for the gates to open over half an hour after they should have. Wasn't too comforable. Tasteless hotdogs! Portaloos that didn't shut properly (although my fiancee got to see someone pee which was quite funny!)

Only low point of the gig for me was the Zoo Station/Fly combo. Visuals were great but the songs don't really do it for me.

Onwards to Cardiff now.......

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