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We want to be like Van Morrison and make records for a few friends; and we want to be like the Beatles and reach as many people as possible. -- Bono

by Spencer (exit u2 hubs)


The band were great, i wasn't i the best of moods before i went to this show as most people from the u2 community will tell you as i was outraged at the ticket prices. This was my 18th U2 concert. The venue was awful with crap accoustics, i thought Bono's mic wasn't aligned with the band, he seemed a bit quiet sometimes but then again the Glasgow crowds are always nuts when U2 are in town it was difficult to hear at times - Bono often quotes the whole "second home celtic connection thingy" which gives us Scots the required affinity. The gig was reliable, functional and executed well from the Bono school of stadium rock bands scripts!....support was shite - i cant believe we didn't get the Killers! I'm an old romantic perhaps this is the reason for my nonchalonce (TYPO) with this review...i still yearn for Murrayfield 87 and Barrowland 84 when they were raw and had sincere post- adolescent frustration and anger not polished political ideologies designed to be quoted in the national press....more of the spontaneous "fuck the revolution" please Bono. 7/10

PS Big thanks to Rock Steady security for threatening to eject me from the stadium for trying to film the show (it was bittorrent bound for us all true fans)...they watched me like hawks...bastards!


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