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"It's a record about looking for some kind of transcendence as well as trash." — Bono, on Pop

by Scoob

65 to see the side of a speaker and hear an echo!

I once heard a story that Bono would make sure the seating layout and view of the stage was adequate for all fans. He must have been to busy this time or the people who he employs to do such thing are also employed to squeeze every possible buck out of a venue. Like most fans at the gig, it wasnt the first time I have seen U2. The best gig I was every at was U2 Zootv at the SECC in 93 I think, but last nights gig was by far the most disappointing gig I have ever been too. The reason for this was my seats were rubbish. We were so far round that we were behind the right side of the stage speakers. From what I could see and hear it looked like a good gig but it just wasnt dark enough for the lights until the last 4 or 5 songs. Musically and vocally I 'think' the band were good but the sound quality was brutal. My advice to anyone is if you every buy concerts seats make sure they are not nearly behind the f****** stage. Bono! geez my money back. Also too many scummy IRA/Celtic heads. Sorry but I wont be rushing back.

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