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"We never suffered from that indie mentality of 'big is bad.' A lot of groups that could've gone on to make amazing music crumbled under some sort of inverse guilt or mistrust of success." — Edge

by Shawn Bison

Well, as luck would have it, I met Bono walking on the streets of Glasgow today. It was seven hours before showtime and I guess he was out to clear his head or something. I've met him twice before, but under rushed circumstances (there were other fans around, he had to go, etc.). He was by himself, per usual - as the ultrafan would liken - and welcomed me with a smile. He didn't remember me, but I had a few questions prepared in case I bumped into him on this leg. My burning question was "Crumbs" and why they have not yet played it. He informed me that they want to get it perfect before debuting it, because it's the most important song he's ever written. He also wants to possibly wait to debut it at Live 8. I complimented him on the band's performances and such and we even joked about the prospect of performing alongside members of the reunited Pink Floyd, saying "you'd have a better chance of seeing Syd Barrett up there with them than me." Enough of this story, this review is supposed to be about the Glasgow show, right?!

The show was simply perfect. It was pretty much the same setlist as London 2, but with more punch and polish. I love the Scotland fans. They actually cheered at The Edge's [few] guitar solos, and not just Bono's antics. It was an all-round pleasant day and evening, and I still love the All Because Of You placement.

Hello hello Dublin! Three nights of mayhem are about to begin.

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