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[Y]ou can't dial up the way Larry and Adam play together. You can't dial up a lyric that's about real life. -- Bono

by Dustin R. Sponsler

I think I entered the "Gund" with a lot of apprehension about how good the show would be after watching the Popmart Tour at Ohio State University Stadium back in May of 97' (the 24th to be exact). How could U2 possibly out do that show with it's football stadium sized screen and all of the news helicopters flying around for a free glimpse. What good could a closed in arena possibly offer? Well, I was definately humbled at the show last night. Not only did U2 involve it's fans (the crowd)with well known past songs, but they put on one helluva show for anyone who enjoys technological media. They utilized black and white live movies with multi-colored laser shows in efforts to give a performance that would stick into the minds of any U2 fan. Although this show was not one of the biggest shows the Dublin 4 (5 with Brian Eno) have put on, It was definately not disappointing. Whether you are an old fan of U2, or a new one, the Elevation Tour is one to see for it's artistic and musical value alone! I look forward to the next tour to see what surprises they have in store!

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