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"I used to think that writing words was old-fashioned, so I sketched. I wrote words on the microphone." — Bono

by Ad

Skipped out of classes (OSU) all day to go home and get in line at 9:30 am. It was well worth it... even ended up on the 7:00 news.

Some highlights:

Front row with Adam Clayton... must say I have a new found love/repsect for the man. My friends and I were having more fun getting him to smile (and he did a lot... he even pointed at my friend Chris at the end.)Also, if I were to start smoking, it would be because he smokes so well.

Until the end of the world - Bono lying on his back at the end attacking Edge's guitar like a cat.

New york - cowboy hats, ridin' horses and smokin' guns. I think they've treated this song a bit different now than at the beginning of the tour. Different guitar effects and keyboard samples.

Desire- harmonica
Stay - bono and edge on one mic

Larry walking around the catwalk.

the fly - bono headfirst into crowd running lap across the back.

Mysterious ways - dancing girl out does bono, he takes her across the entire catwalk. They bow at the end and Adam escorts her off the stage!

I Remember You - crowd pushed bono and edge into another verse/chorus

Walk On - "to the Almighty! to the Almighty!"

They seem to extend the songs so much more in this gig (especially after listening to charlotte, tacoma, atlanta, etc.) Beautiful Day, One, Until the End..., Bad were all super long.

Concert was 2:10 in duration.
No songs from Pop!

see you in lexington... save a spot in line for me.


ps. anybody know what book Bono was talking about before Pride?

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