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"My children have made me more aggressive about the world that they're about to inhabit." — Bono

by Evelyn

So we leave Vegas at 7:00am and haul ass down to Glendale. Unfortunatly, I get a speeding ticket just outside of Wickenburg. I was on such a high and then shot down. I thought my luck was running cold. We arrived at a friends apt. just in time to take a nap before the big show (sleep,ya right).
My niece and I arrive at the show at 4:00. Both of us looking pretty hot for a 34 year old and a 44 year old(well at least I thought we did). I just wanted to look good enough to get Bono's attention (I was hoping the target I drew on my chest with sharpies would out). As we were waiting in the GA line with, I have to say, a bunch of really friendly people, lucky me gets interviewed by a tv reporter.I have no idea who he was but he kept comming back and asking more questions. Guess I was pretty interesting. As the doors open and we start to move forward I hand my niece her ticket and she tells me it's an odd number and that's unlucky, trade me. Of course I trade her and say, odd number, I'm odd, it will be lucky for me.
As we go through the gate, her first, they scan her ticket and the screen on the computer is white. She moves on. They scan my ticket, Red and Black Vertigo. I screamed so loud "were in", I think they may have been annoyed with me but I was in total shock. I'm not usually one of those lucky people. Okay I had everybody I know saying prayers for me to get into the inner circle.
My niece took her place right in front of center stage with only 2 people in front of her. I on the other hand had a plan. After seeing the two Anaheim shows I decided that if I was to be in the circle I would stand right where Bono had picked fans from the crowd to go on stage. I had the experience of my life. The only thing between me and my idol was 3 feet of air. He laid down right in front of me. I truly am obsessed with this man. I had made some signs that I snuck in, in the back of my pants. I had written lines from different songs on 4 papers front and back. At first when I held them up I had little acknowledgement of them but then when Bono was at center stage and I held one up he looked, he laughed and at the beginning of All Because of You, he pointed at me and smiled at me and I just about died. He noticed me!!! I don't know if I'll ever have another U2 experience as unbelievable as this one but if I do Vegas will be my only chance.
This concert was the best one I've been at so far on this tour. Bono's voice was fantastic and they played more songs then at the previous concerts. It seemed like they played forever. I never did get pulled up on stage. Some guy jumped up on stage with Bono and I guess that ended that, But I will never forget the most magical night I've ever spent with U2. I only know two kinds of music, U2--- and everyone else. They truly will always be the best band in the world for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ya, my niece thinks I'm totally the best Aunt ever

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