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Only about 10 people in the world make me really laugh, and four of them are in the band -- including Paul, our manager. -- Bono

by Michael (pic of Bono''s father)


These were my first 2 Virtigo shows, AND the first times of being on the floor.

I can't get over how much I love "Yahweh" live. it just works so well for the end of the show being followed by "40" which is something I thought i'd never get to experience.

The most exciting part of the first night though was "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"

Before the show, I printed out a picture of Bono and his Father together.
When "sometimes.." began, sure enough Bono was heading right around my edge.
During the second verse he got right to me and I held up the picture.
He sort of stopped when he saw it, then leaned all the way into the crowd and took it from me!!!

He held it up to his heart for a second, then laid it down right in front of him and sang the rest of the song while looking at the photograph.

Obviously, i was pretty blown away. :)

I attached a copy of the picture I held up, plus a picture from the "Moment". look at the bottem and you can see the picture near his feet.

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