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"It's got some great songs, it's quite original sounding and I don't get embarrassed when I hear it on the radio." — Edge, on Achtung Baby

by Lori

I am still on a high three days later - the show was amazing. This was my first concert in the new tour and I cannot wait for the Fall, it can't come fast enough!

We lined up with about 250 other fans at about 9 a.m. - I heard stories of fighting about lineups earlier in the day and I'm just glad I wasn't part of it. It's stressful enough to sit outside all day and worry about where you're going to be standing for the show, without having the additional stress of fighting with fans. Added to which, it was hot and in the morning we were sitting in the sun, no cloud coverage whatsoever. At least the venue staff put water out for us, that was nice of them.

It's hard to say how far back I was in the u2.com line but I met some awesome people around me, I'd estimate we were about 150 people back. It was a bit aggitating that they u2.com line moved slower than the non-fan club member line. OK - not a little, but a lot. When we lined up we found people who joined the line after us who were in front of us around the elipse.

I ended up being about four people back from the tip of the circle but then I left the area because of the heat, the fans seemed a bit pushy, which is understandable, but it was way too hot for that. I got back up there for the start of the show by some grace of god, found my friend and waited for the start. I have to say this - u2 could come out singing I'm a little teapot and I'd probably still go crazy. The rush you get when they come onstage is amazing, and when they first start playing you realize "All this waiting was worth it." I stayed up front for about 1/2 hour before finally throwing in the towel and heading back toward the soundboard, but I was near the tip for Vertigo and Elevation which were amazing. The energy from the fans was great, and it was such a treat to see Adam actually singing the lyrics to Elevation. I hope they keep that up for the fall shows!

I watched Where the Streets Have No Name from high up and that was a sight to see. The entire crowd in the arena was on their feet, the floor was jumping up and down and everyone was singing along. I know people have said that this song should be dropped on the tour but I disagree 100%. This really brings down the house and personally, I love it. As soon as I got home I put on the Slane video and watched WTSHNN over and over again.

I found a lot of the songs "grouped" together - Joshua Tree era, Achtung Era toward the end. I can live without the Fly but like I said before, they can sing anything and I'll sing along and keep a silly grin on my face. I can't tell you how many times during the show I was thinking about this huge smile on my face and how I couldn't wipe it off!

One was beautiful, and when 40 came I was sad that the show was over. It was a great experience and I'm glad I flew out from Buffalo to see them.

If any of these people are reading this review and know me from in the lineup, email me! (Holden, Anya, Brian, Marc, Jessica, Heather or the dude from Nashville - I can't remember your name!! Sorry!)

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