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Why is it that we want our idols to die on a cross of their own making, and if they don't, we want our money back? But you know, Elvis ate America before America ate him.-- Bono, tribute to Elvis Presley, 2004

by nmtoker

ok so about 23 years ago they played a show in DC, cant remember where...i was maybe 13... if i remember right it was a small theater that held maybe 5,000 people...anyway, i went to buy tix for the show only to have been sold out 3 buyers in front of me...I've never seen U2 until 2 days ago...i drove 1,000 miles, slept 3 hours in 3 days... and feel, for the first time since Jerry Garcia passed, that an arena full of US can effect change...Bono told US that DR. King's
dream included EVERYONE!!!!!if you have ever heard thier message(yeah thier music ROCKS TOO!!!), take it back to your comunity and SHARE IT!!!! PEACE

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