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Our first experiences with live bands were bands that had a political awareness, and it always felt natural for us to include it. -- Edge

by jbhu2

Well, U2 are presenting another dazzling spectacle. I was at the show Thursday night with my son (his first show, he's six) and I must say it was pretty darn good.

The band comes out with huge spotlights during Love And Peace alla Bullet The Blue Sky on the Elevation Tour and it's a neat effect, especially with the fighter jet sound effects in the back ground.

Vertigo is a hoping tune and as always the Phoenix crowd was in fine form. I geuss since were all in our homes hiding from the sun we have nothing to do but listen to U2, cause everyone had all the new songs memorized.

Elevation was great. The new version with a more subdued beginning is very effective. The cowd really gave Bono a great back drop for his wonderful vocals on this song as well as others throughout the night.

Cry / Electric Co. is so great to hear live. As a moderately younger fan (30 on May 9th) I've never heard this one live. The addition of the Who's "I Can See For Miles And Miles" lends to some image building for the band, not that they need it.

An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart had a very interesting stage component from Bono. He has said in the past that "An Cat" that it is about a cat playing or sleeping with a bird it has killed. I don't think many fans may get this but when Bono is crawling around at the beginning of this song he is acting out that imagery. This is interesting since he said he was the bird when the song was written.

City of Blinding Lights was great. The confetti was neat. I have heard some of the versions of this song making rounds on the net as an opening to the show and think it works better as a song at the start of the show, but with the impressive start that "Love And Peace" makes it would be hard to choose either.

Beautiful Day is always a favorite. It's such an uplift. It really makes things take off. The lighting effects during this song are intense.

Miracle Drug is such a meaningful song. I can't remember if it was this or the next song but Bono again tells his story about the Holy Father, Pope John Paul, to applause and shows his rosary that the pope gave him. At the same show during 40 he hangs it on his mike stand with one of the spotlights from the start of the show on it, like a shrine.

Sometimes you cant make it on your own is a great song, but here is one of my criticisms. I don't like the curtains. Yes, you can argue it is new, cool technology and I'm with you there, but I'd have rather seen actual footage of B's father than what looked like an office worker from the fifties in Atari format. This is just my opinion and of course is open to cansure.

New Years Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday are always some of our favorites. They convey a place that the bacnd has been that is just so beautiful. These song are timeless and always have every voice yelling.

Bullet The Blue Sky with the combination of When Johnny Comes Marching Home and The Hands That Built America is very powerful. Bono wears what looks like a type of multi-colored flak jacket with the word sinner on the back rear. He wears a blindfold during parts of the song. It's also great to have Running To Stand Still back in the mix. The two songs really belong together just like Queens We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. Bono dedicates it to the men and women of the US milatary which is a nice show of solidarity considering his anti-war stance. Hate War, Love Soldiers

Pride in the Name of Love was one of my favorites of this night. The crowd was so loud that at one point Bono just stopped and said "This is incredible." Edge and Adam both had huge grins on their faces which is the neatest thing to see considering the amount of times they have played this song. It really shows that the boys still love their jobs.

Where the Streets Have No Name, well what can I say. It reminded me of the Rattle and Hum video since I was too young to attend that concert. I literally cried. Part of this was because I was holding my 6 year old son, who had fallen asleep, and the song just took on new meaning for me. (In mine and his defense he woke up during the next song). This song will always be special.

One has such great meaning behind it. Bono asked how many cell phones were in the crowd and talked about the One Campaign. He asked for the lights to be turned down and I realized, sadly, that the lighter has been replaced. It was amazing, the cell phones looked like stars twinkling in the night.

During Zoo Station Bono pulled a half naked guy out of the crowd in the general admission in front of the cat walk. They did lunges together and then Bono gave the guy a big hug. Bonos airline pilot outfit during this song is pretty interesting.

The Fly and Mysterious Ways both had especially younger fans singing loud. Edge's playing always seems to be in rare form on these two pieces. I don't remember which but on one, I think The Fly, Edge was playing the guitar against the mike stand as Bono held it. Very cool.

All Because of You brought the band back on stage for an encore. The God theme in this song is very power ful and again the crowd knew all the words beautifully.

Yahweh? Well again what can I say? It's about God and it's beautiful. Edge and Bono played at the front of the cat walk and Larry came up to play keyboard. He almost ran over Bono in the process. Bono was asking where he was and Larry almost trampled him.

40 is such an amazing historical song to hear again. I'm so happy it's back in their shows. My song sang it all the way out to the car. The crowd just sang and sang and sang.

I don't think anyone wanted it all to end.

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