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"He is a brainy man and he thinks extreme poverty is stupid." — Bono, on Bill Gates

by Justin Duarte

I'm actually speechless. I saw the band on both their trips to the valley on the Elevation tour. They were the most amazing shows I'd ever seen, and the most I though I'd ever see. Enter Vertigo! WOW! Nothing like it, the best bits from the last tour with the new curtain of lights and a more aggresive attitude. Thank God they opened with "Love And Peace", from the first time I heard that track I thought they should open with it. I was right, it just builds and builds until the place is in a frenzy. Vertigo was next and obviously a crowd favorite, Bono was all over the place as was Edge. Personally speaking, the highlights for me were:
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own: A fan handed Bono a picture of his father and he laid it on the catwalk, got on his knees and proceeded to sing the second verse to the photo before putting it in his pocket.
Where The Streets Have No Name: I miss the big red backdrop like everyone else, but I can't deny the energy the song still packs, you just cannot help jumping up and down once those drums kick in.
Zoo Station and The Fly: Great to see Zoo back and to catch a glimpse of the Fly character again. Bono was in full Fly attitude plus what seemed to be a sailor cap, just very cool to see him ham it up again.

All in all last night topped the two Elevation shows for me, and that's saying a lot. Please boys don't wait another four years to come back!

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