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"We've always treated Ireland and Dublin as a haven away from the rock 'n' roll madness that happens elsewhere. This is our land of reality." — Edge

by PSR

Well, finally saw U2 on Thursday in NJ for the first time. On the positive side, they're great musicians and gave 100% of their energy to entertaining the crowd. No complaints for the effort, and for most fans, I'm sure it kicked ass.

But as someone whose seen hundreds of rock shows over 53 years, I must tell you that I was not very impressed. Simply put, much of the material is mediocre pop and it doesn't matter how hard they try -- you can't turn silver into gold.

Compare, for example, the McCartney show at Citifield this year or a quality Stones show (admittedly few and far between these days). The material at these shows is such high quality rock -- often reminding you of Chuck Berry -- and you can't help but dance. But at U2, it's nothing like that. I can't put my finger on it, but my sense is that if you asked them to play a Chuck Berry song, they'd have trouble. They just don't know how to rock.

Again, I'm just being honest and not intending to diss the band. But I wouldn't pay $200 again to see U2, that's for sure.

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