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"It's like being down a black hole and coming out to the light.” — Bono, on finishing an album

by Cosmo

Bottom line summary-The show was awesome!

To start-Muse sounded terrible. The music was turned up so loud that you could not hear any words. It was just noise. So bad!

Now for U2:

The good-Beautiful Day, Elevation, Still Havent found, City of Blinding Lights, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Streets, With or WIth out You, Vertigo, Crazy Tonight (remix) & Get on your Boots. All of these songs got the crowd going Crazy.

The set list- Hardcore fans who follow the band, like me, would say BORING. However, taking a step back and looking at the songs that I got to hear and knowing that the people I was with dont look at every set list every night and just want to hear good songs, it was a good set list.

The Crowd-The crowd was awesome. Very into the show with the exception of the newer U2 songs (No line, Unknown Caller and Moment were all bathroom break songs).

The bad- Bono f***ed up Stay something fierce. He started out with the "red light, grey morning" verse instead of "Green light, 7-11" verse. But its still a ggreat song.

The real bad-Traffic leaving the stadium was HELL. It took us 5 min to get into the parking lot and 1hr 15min to get out.

The interesting- Bono mentioned at the very end of the show that this was the most people that have ever been in Giants Stadium at one time (they set an attendance record of 84k+. Also one "reviewer" was upset because Bono said this was the last time U2 would ever play Giants Stadium, which is true. However, it is not because they are not going to tour again but because the stadium is being demolished next spring. So, no act will play Giants Stadium again after spring of 2010.

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