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"[W]e don't want to do anything that is ever going to embarrass our fans. That's why over the years we've turned down so many offers from companies who want us to endorse their products." — Edge

by Jim Oram

My wife and I travelled to New York from England to see U2 on the first leg of the Popmart tour.

The set was fantastic but I missed the usual buzz that comes with a U2 concert. Maybe it was because the fans didn't have time to really learn the lyrics of the new songs. It's very strange but the crowd seemed to stand during the songs they new and then sat down during those they didn't. It made for a very strange event that seemed broken up (maybe that's the way American's do concerts).

There was also a complete lack of Zooropa in the set (apart from the lemon thing which was just too cool).

Bono looked good but I missed the hair, the boots and the big ego.

Overall, I loved the show and the music was great, but then I would say that after travelling such a long distance.

PS. Just a note to say the LongPigs and Fun Lovin Criminals did a good support job although the American crowd didn't really seem interested in them. Again, maybe a culture thing.

Can't wait to see them again in Rotterdam, Wembley and Leeds (Yes, I am that obsessed) after which I'll post a review of them here. Stay tuned.

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