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I don't believe in wishful thinking. You know, 'Imagine,' that John Lennon song, it's my least favorite of his songs. And he's the man for me, but it's like I don't believe that imagining is enough.-- Bono, 2002

by Chris Bautista

After being so close to the stage on Saturday I thought that perhaps night 2 would not be as exciting. Boy was I wrong! The different perspective from the right side lower tier was a welcome. I finally saw the enormous impact of the video wall and I felt the music was sharper and clearer then the first night.

Differences from Giants Stadium # 1 included The Edge doing "Sweet Caroline" which the crowd got into a little more and I got to here them do an acoustic version of "SATS". They also sang a bit of "Rain" when it started to drizzle and segued into "Unchained Melody" to end the show. My favorites were, once again, "Streets" and "Until the End of the World".

I was very disappointed in my section during a few of the songs. They sat down through a lot of the new stuff, most notably "Please". No one even realized that Larry was beating out "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" while the rest of the gang still played "Please". My brother and I actually changed the lyrics to "Get up off your seats" in place of "knees"!

All in all, the show was in every way equal to the first night even though my seats were a lot different.

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