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"Basically, I think we're all nutters, but somehow it works." — Adam

by Mona-Lisa Williams

I went to this incredible concert in Gentofte. It is some years ago, but the memory is still there.

Me and a friend were lucky enough to be on the front row in front of both Bono and Adam.

The concert didn't begin on time and some newspapers said it was because we were waiting for the Crown Prince who had just come home from a trip, and would like to talk to the band, but who knows?.

Anyway the show was great both when it comes to the show and the songs. And there was a nice surprise when Edge sang "Numb" which was a new song at the time.

Bono made the famous phone-call to a Danish politician named "Uffe Elleman Jensen", Uffeman was not home so Bono talked to the wife Alice, who sounded a bit confused.

The highlight of the show for me was, when Bono got satellite contact to Bosnia, so we could hear what was going on down there. They started singing "Let it be" and the whole stadium got into it and sang along, it was a true magical moment, which I will never forget.

That is just one fans opinion.

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