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"Forming U2 was a way out — it was also a way in to expressing how I felt constructively, as opposed to banging my own or somebody else's head off a wall." — Bono, 1980

by Aliy

I flew from Mexico City to see U2. I hadnt seen them live since they came to Mexico City in 1997. Honestly speaking, I thought I was going to see another show because I had been reading your reviews. Some of you were not satisfied one way or another, either because the band itself or the setlist. I arrived quite in time to hang round the venue and buy some official souvenirs.
It was around nine when we were told we had to wait because one of the screens was not working and needed to be fixed in order to have the perfect show. After a few minutes we could clearly realise the screen was working again and the show was about to begin.
The opening song was much more powerful than I imagined, with all those visual effects and the confetti thing. Although Beautiful Day is not my favourite song, it sounded great. Vertigo lets you see all of the stage in red and practise your Spanish with the band uno, dos, tres, catorce/ hello hello hola/ Im at a place called vertigo..,donde esta? The 2005 Elevation version was a remarkable moment because of the interaction with the audience. Immediately after that audience-U2 duo, a beautiful pair of old tunes Gloria and The Ocean. The second sounds more than awesome live. I was just speechless when New Year's Day started it was the very first U2 song I listened when I was around 9. It s amazing how these guys make you travel in time! Miracle Drug and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own brought me back in time. I must say that SYCMIOYO was Bonos intimate moment. He appeared to be connected with his father. Watching Larry play the drums in Love and Peace or Else was another remarkable moment, especially when he went back to play his usual drums kit and let Bono play with him. Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet the Blue Sky were like another travel in time. Running to Stand Still was beautifully performed with a little guitar arrangement.
I thought Bad was not going to be played, but I was luckily wrong. This song was when I realised my voice was almost gone. We were let sing longer during Pride and Bono introduced Where the Streets Have No Name while the screen displayed African countries flags. One started and this time Bono gave a speech on Paul Martin (Canadian Prime Minister) and encouraged us to call him.
The first encore was the great Achtung Baby trio. Starting with my favourite U2 song, the wonderful Zoo Station. There are no words to describe this moment, I just can tell you this was a fulfilled dream. The Fly new version was great with all those Zoo TV effects. The album version of Mysterious Ways was wonderfully received and sung.
The final encore was a HTDAAB duo and a Wag song. Both All Because Of You and Original of the Species sounded wonderful live. 40 was the perfect song to finish the show.
I do think this was an awesome night and I would like to tell you that sometimes you sound more like critics than like fans. I even thought that U2 had nothing left to give. Now I can tell you that they are nothing but the best live act ever. If you consider that the setlist is not appropriate why dont you burn a CD with your own setlist and listen to it over and over. U2 offers a magnificent show and you are ruining it with those childish comments you have posted.

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