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"People are always trying to make us something. Why won't they accept us as being four people?" — Bono

by Nick S

Well, it has been a week since the first Vancouver show and my initial review. A couple of points I would like to add now that I have had time to digest things:

1) The first concert was definitely the stronger show. I went to both, and although they were both excellent (a hum drum U2 concert is still better than any other concert you will go to), the first night's crowd was definitely more energized. The electricity in the building that first night was simply amazing, and the singing to all songs (by the crowd) was loud and sustained. Singing and cheering by the crowd the second night seemed to die out much more quickly (example: the second night the "How long... to sing this song" chant ended when Larry left the stage... defintely not the case the first night).

2) Where you sit (or stand) makes a difference in your perception of the show. As per my earlier review, I had floors to the first show, but upper decks to the second. By my nature, I'm a "floor" kind of guy... I love the atmosphere and intensity that the floor experience delivers. When on the floor, I feel as though I am a "particpant" in the show... in the stands I feel somewhat more detached and longing to be on the floor. Having said that, being in the stands definitely adds a different perspective that is neat to see (you don't see the racing stage lights from the floor), so if you are going to both shows at future dates then, as others have suggested, floors to one night and stands the next is not a bad option. I should also say that because I am aware of the intensity differences between the floor and the stands, I have attempted to take that into consideration when evaluating which was the better show... taking it into account, I still think it was the first show. My son agrees.

3) U2 have gained another devoted fan. I took my son to both shows, and although he was a fan of U2 prior to going to the concerts, I don't think I could characterize him as a devoted zealot like his Dad. Well, he is now. I returned home from work one night this week to find that my CD case had been cleaned of all its U2 cd's (needless to say, I have every single one). My son had stopped by (he doesn't live with me) and borrowed the cd's in order to burn each and every one. He's found religion.



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