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"I think there is nothing more radical than two people's loving each other, because it's so infrequent." — Bono

by Peanut

Thursday night, we, eighteen-thousand strong, worshipped at the altar of U2.

There was light.

And it was good.

I didnt know that there could actually be such a thing as the Perfect Concert. But, since I just saw it, I suppose it must be true.

Im not going to tell all the specifics, since there are other reviews out there thatve done that already. Im more interested in passing along what I felt. Like, the way that they entered and started the concert brought tears to my eyes. The roar was deafening, my heart was in my throat, and the collective energy in that place could've killed cancer!

I broke into tears somewhere between 8 and 10 more times throughout the night. I was overwhelmed. The glory was relentless. Before going, I was thinking that I probably would enjoy it more if it was during Joshua or Achtung, when I was a lot more caught up in them. Oooooooh, I was so wrong. Like fine wine, baby. With a side of beluga and toast points. The guy in front of me was really not afraid to dance. Ive never been to a concert where THE ENTIRE STADIUM REMAINED STANDING FOR THE ENTIRE CONCERT. We couldnt help ourselves. There was no desire to sit, and so much desire to stand and wiggle and jiggle and boogie. Ive never sung out loud in a concert. I did tonite. And my ears feel funny. I forgot how unbelievably loud stadium concerts are!

At a stoplight while walking (aka: gliding) to the bus stop on the way home, I was in front of two very tough looking, rolly-sleeved, muscular, smoking, beer-smelling, twenty-something guys. The conversation goes as follows:

.yeah man. Bonos my savior.

Totally. Hes pretty much Jesus. I mean, to me, more than anybody else I know, that's for sure.
F***in rights. ..........f***.

I feel like I want everyone I love and like and even just think fondly of to see this. They need to see this! Its not fair. They should have 6 concerts here. Its not like they wouldnt all sell out

The best concert Ive ever seen in my life. My spirit is so swelled I cant stand it. My heart is in my throat again as I write this and remember.

Im going to go I dont know save a small country learn to fly a plane get some tea and watch a CSI repeat something like that.

Days later, Im still reeling. I have spent months troubled with insomnia and various other sleeping issues. Since the night of the concert, I've slept every night, all the way through. I am healed.


p.s. - and all this time I thought the Beatles were the greatest band that ever lived go figure

p.p.s. - I am SO going to vote

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