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"He had a beautiful tenor: sweet and tremulous. The thing I really regret is not recording it." — Bono, on his father

by Dan

Another great show by U2. I think one's impression of the concert is to some degree shaped by the overall energy of the crowd and more specifically, the enthusiasm of the people in the immediate vicinity of one's seat. One reviewer mentioned an obnoxious drunk chick who tried to spoil his complete enjoyment of the show. And Nick S., in a previous review, cited the tremendous energy of the crowd. Well, in my section (corner lower bowl facing the stage) I would beg to differ. The energy was virtually non-existent! People were actually sitting through large portions of the show! In fact, a small handful of folks actually sat during "Where the Streets Have No Name"! I kid you not! This, in complete contrast to Monday night in Seattle, where everyone in the crowd was going nuts, turning the Key Arena into an 18,000 person mosh pit a la those wild scenes from previous U2 shows at Slane Castle or Wembley Stadium. So, while the band performed admirably again last night, from my perspective I enjoyed the Seattle shows more because the crowd was more energized.
Still, as I said off the top.. another great show by U2. Emotional peaks continue to be the "older" songs": "Gloria", "New Year's Day", "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Bad", "Pride", and "Where the Streets.." "Bullet the Blue Sky" was also done brilliantly, as was "Running to Stand Still". Among the new songs from HTDAAB, I think "Love and Peace or Else" is an absolute powerhouse (and works much better as an opening song than COBL does). But that's a minor complaint, believe me with Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry all bringing their "A" game each and every night, there isn't much to complain about --- except the sound. It's still "muddy" during certain portions of the show. Bono's vocals still get buried on occasion, and Edge's guitar sometimes can be overly shrill.
Well, that's it..tonight will be my 4th show in 6 nights..and then I'm done. What a great, memorable week it's been!

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