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"My talent if it's anything is my approach to the guitar by the use of effects, by non-acceptance of the usual approaches to the guitar." — Edge

by Isaiah

This was it. The concert my wife,Leighanna and I went to. I had seen U2 before, but this was the best, like going to church. Her eyes lit a smile on my face when she touched Bono's hand.I wispered into her ear "you go Love". Being a musican and in the HEART was an experiance that I will never forget. I enjoyed they're stage performance. The way they all worked together as a team. I covet that evening we embraced together. Besides standing next to Paul McGuinuis (I hope I spelled his name correctly) and wanting to tell him I was a singer and songwriter. when I was standing next to him all I could think about was how selfish I was being. So I said nothing at all. I figured he had enough to worry about rather than talking to a great fan of him and his fellow musicians...Thank you for letting me speak.. Isaiah

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