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"I suppose I think differently to the other three guys in the band . . . I try to protect the band as much as I can." — Larry

by Matty B.

I haven't had the chance to write a review until now cuz my computer wasn't hooked up ( I have moved recently). What can I say about my second U2 experience? It was even better than Popmart. I went to the show with my friend Mike and my sister Laura and sharing it with my sister was part of what made the show so great. We have grown up with U2 (I am 22, she is 19) and it was incredible to be there together. Listening to my life's soundtrack played live was a beautiful experience and this gig further proved why U2 is the band of my generation and one of the greatest bands ever. The crowd went insane when the boys bounced up on stage and burned through a rip-roaring "Elevation," much to my delight. Laura and I were pogoing like crazy and we didn't sit down for the next couple hours. They were really on tonight, especially Edge and Larry. Larry was really into it and was like a charging train on the songs like "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Mysterious Ways." Bono ate a flower that someone passed to him on stage and talked about playing their first gig in Vancouver at the Commmodore some 20 years ago. It's pretty hard to pick highlights but "Until the end of the World," "Pride," and "Streets" really stand out. I also thought that the "In a Little While:" and especially "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" sounded beautiful, really showcasing Bono's voice. "The Fly" was an ass-kicking guitar-fest with that great buzzsaw guitar riff and a screeching solo from Edge. The setlist was really great and I can't stand some journalists who have criticized the band for playing their greatest hits. The songs from ATYCLB sounded great as well and them combined with the old classics made for a well-balanced, emotional set.

Thanks to U2 for being my favourite band and seeing me through life's ups and downs. Even since I was 4 years old and first saw the War album cover they have been a part of my life their music continues to challenge and uplift me no matter how many times I listen to their albums. Come back soon!

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