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[Y]ou learn to rely on other people, the band, and you start thinking that's a weakness. But it's a strength to rely on others." — Bono

by Collin J.

Taking nothing away from Bono and the Boy's last tour, which by the way I think is receiving too much criticism by those stagnant throw backs, who refuse to have their listening skills sharpened by anything other than music over a decade ago!...this concert was by far the best that I have ever seen! This concert on Friday the 13th hit me more on a personal level, than that of the Popmart Tour nearly 4 years ago. It was the feeling of the music over the larger than life spectacle of lights, TV walls , and who could forget the lemon? Once again U2 have topped themselves, but in a different way this time around. The music definelty came first, and took the crowd and myself on a journey that was not to be forgotten. There are so many moments to be recalled, from the boys walking out on stage with the house lights still on(very cool), to Bono and Edge playing the role of Bull vs Matador on the catwalk during Until The End Of The World! I have heard more live versions of Sunday Bloody Sunday than I can remember, but the way it came out that night was unbelievable, as the many voices in GM Place helped Bono sing it word for word. The Ground Beneath Her Feet was a nice twist in the evening, leading into a flawless version of Bad, singing the chorus from "40" a couple of times, once again capturing the emotions of the crowd. Then the glowing red screens started to emerge from the ground having Edge play the intro to my favourite song, Where The Streets Have No Name!! The song that made my night was a thundering version of the Fly, a song ressurected by Adam's amazing bass playing, meanwhile having nostalgic Zoo TV messages of "LOVE ME" and "beLIEve" appear on the screens behind the band. For the encore, nothing but sheer silence as the screens once again rose from the ground only to show Charlton Heston, spokesman for the NRA talk about guns and how they are good in the hands of a good man....U2 viewed this as bullshit as many sceenes of war and violence appeared following the speech from Mr Heston. This was definelty the "make you think" moment of the evening. From there, Larry came alive with a pounding intro to Bullet The Blue Sky, having Bono shine the spot light in the faces of fans around the arena. Once again Adam led into a great sounding version of With Or Without You, only to have the heart shaped catwalk light up, having this image forever burned into my memory. Then ou of the blue, a song I didn't think was going to be played due to not seeing it on the playlists of the previous concerts, "Pride" came ringing out of Edge's guitar(definetly the feel good song of the night). U2 then came back for a second encore as edge sent shivers up the spines of the fans with the into to "One". And where would we be without a few comments from the frontman himself? As U2 are quite involved with Greenpeace, Bono decided to take a littel jab at the provincial government, folowing the recent efforts on saving the Great Bear Rainforest.."It's amazing what you can do when there is an election coming up right?" The boys finished out the evening with an emotional version of "Walk On", that had the crowd wanting more, but I guess that we'll have to wait?

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