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"[A] fresh sound can be just as inspiring as a great hook. To me, sounds are hooks." — Edge

by Johnny

WOW! First of all, I wanna tell everyone to check out PJ Harvey. She was AMAZING!!
WOW!! This tour reminded me of The Unforgettable Fire Tour.. Very stripped down, with intense lighting.. I love how they just walk out with the house lights on & rip right into Elevation! Beautiful Day followed. I thought I was really getting sick of that song, but live it ROCKS! End Of the World was standard. Bono starting to mingle with the audience. This is a beautiful thing & Bono is back connecting with us!! Stuck Inside is where the soul & passion in the show began.. It was amazing to watch him on the overhead close-up screen. He is really giving it his ALL!! Gone was next & had the nights only major fuck up. Bono forgot to plug in his guitar & the usual big thrashing cord intro was silent. Kinda funny.. Even Better was great, much more passionate than the previous two tours. New York was ok.. Really was lack luster. It Will probably Rock in NY. I wish they would scratch that song & bring up a beautiful new song like Kite or Wild Honey.. I Will Follow. HUGE!! Although Bono really should put the guitar down for this one. This is ALL Edges baby! Sunday Bloody Sunday was religious with all the Bob Marley at the end. The crowd was going friggin NUTS!! Sweetest Thing was wonderful & fun. In A Little While was a show stopper with Bono showing his amazing voice.. Simply beautiful.. I felt like i was in a bar seeing them , it felt that intimate!! Desire & Ground Beneath was fun -ala- acoustic duo with Bono & Edge...amazing! Then Bad took the room to the statosphere!!! The most intense amazing U2 live moment for me. Streets then took it up a notch. You can't possibly describe the incredible feeling in the building. I thought the air could just explode!! Mysterious Ways was as funky & sexual as ever with a great monitor dance & show. Ya have to see it to understand. The Fly, easily the surprise highlight of the night. They have TOTALLY reworked the song & it is AMAZING. Encore: The entire encore was balls out U2, nonstop intensity. The intro to Bullet was awesome. Charlton Hesten is a slimeball & I loved the intro movie. Way to go U2!!! Everything else from that moment was pure spiritual U2. Just huge intensity that remended me of War tour moments. I love the fact that I felt what was going on was so unpredicable. No light show sequence to follow or rehearsed pieces. Just raw rock!! Bono was everywhere, in the audience behind the drums, just ROCKING!!!! Let me just tell ya'll this: THEY'RE BACK!!!!! See a show this tour!!!!!!!

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