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'Dad, you should listen to the radio more. You know, like, I'm not sure this is really, you know, gonna go over.' -- Edge, repeating his daughter's response to How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

by Emile Blokland

Yes! the 4th Elevation show for me. At the time i Thought it wouldn't be the last but it was.The Monday after this show i went for some luck without tickets to antwerp. With one of my elevation companions Tim Tambach Well that's the same way we got back. Without tickets. But I don't want to talk about that anymore.
At this friday night in Arnhem there where no problems for me and my friends to arrange some tickets for the floor arena. I had some tribune tickets but not enough for us all and one field ticket. Within 3 minutes the problem was solved and there we went.For 2 buddies of mine it was there first elevation. Bram my other friend was my companion for the 2 days before. So for him it was the 3rd time to Elevate.Read his ultra long and stimulating review in the 1 august list. WHHAA! Was he drunk???? :-)Anyway.. For me as said before it would be the 4th time to find soulvation. Because, and as you can read on this outstanding site in the reviews (a good review, watch and learn BRAM!) , I elevated for the 1st time in Paris on 17 July with my other elevation-compagnon Tim Tambach. Big U2 fan Tim had the ultra bad luck to plan a vacation before dutch dates we're anounced and had to miss 3 dutch dates!!!! I am still dissapointed by that coincidence , and i think he is still too. But nevertheless, let me tell you he had a wonderful holiday. Of course.
But toniht is 3 august and we are in arnhem and it's just so beautiful. To be honest the 3 days in Arnhem are different. but tonight was very special. The wednesday show was best, but tonight it was more fun. I really think because it was friday. A weekend mood in everyone. And me and my friends we're really in the mood for a brutal weekend because the when the show was over, of course whe wanted it to last but we had a nice cruise back to zaandam and after a week full of elevation the next day was not to rest. Dance VAlley Was the NEXT PARTY!! haha.
We'll ok dance valley was cool but nothing compares to E-L-E-VatioN!!!
Greetings Emile 24-11-2001 Enjoy the DVD!
Dream Out LouD!
Get ready For The WHO CARES?! SOUND!!!!

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