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I've started to see this community as a real resource in America. I have described them as 'narrow-minded idealists.' -- Bono, on the U.S. evangelical movement 

by Ruben

Just wake up from my second night of the Elevation tour in Holland.

I still can't believe that i was there yesterday and last tuesday to see my faforite band.

Tuesday is was standing close to the top of the heart and yesterdag i'm having a seat.

The higlights of the show yesterday where that the played Pride after End of the world that was a welcome surprise.
From a beautiful twoshot of In a little While and Stay we came to the biggest highlight of yesterdays show. No two bighilights BAD and Where the streets have no name. The whole stadium came into those two songs and it was beautiful to see everyone jumping and smiling.

U2 is absolutely the biggest rockband in the world and guys YES You've got the job of BEST BAND IN THE WORLD, Forever!

I hope this wasn't the last tour of U2.


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