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I peak early in the morning. It's downhill from there.-- Bono, 2004

by Rob Knubben

Third concert in Arnhem and again a great concert. The setlist was a fairly nice combination of the previous two days. Less highlights though. I guess you get spoiled when visiting all three concerts. Bono promised at the start of the concert to lift this one even higher but I'm afraid they did not really succeeded in that. I am not complaining though. Third time in a row in the ring with a great view on the band and many classics played (see the setlist on this website).

Unfortunately Bono did not speak that much today. He dedicated 'Kite' to a pop critic from the Dutch OOR magazine (EAR magazine) and talked again about Paradiso 20 years ago. There were 150 fans there that night and they were probably in Arnhem this night as well. He also once again talked about the late Dutch artist Herman Brood. Herman is well known for his drug addiction, his music, and his paintings (in random order). Bono explained that they visited his workplace to view the work Herman finished before he finished his life (Herman jumped of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam). He also explained that the band admired Herman for his creativity and his humour, not for his addiction; Herman felt not that good because of his addiction and is dead now, and thus not an example!

Personally I was really pleased that they finished with 'Wake up dead man' and 'Walk on' once again. Those were the songs that I could not completely enjoy on Tuesday because I had to catch the last train. This nicely concluded my three days of U2!

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