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"Rock & roll music — the noisier the better — is still my alarm clock. It still keeps me awake. It's a hymn to the numbness, a reasonable response to the way we live." — Bono

by guntwin

Never thought i would get into the heart.

But with a bit of luck i did. And boy what a show.

I had heard already that keelis really sucked the day before. so my expectations were low. But even that was to optimistic. boy did she stink.

The only number she did good was that of eurythmics/anny lenox. I was amazed that some people even applauded. In the end with the raping of a song from nirvana. she was a litle pissed of at the audience, so she showed the finger, and her ugly ass. A positive point was the drummer, did he do his best. he saved the show for me, because he really did his best.

But anyways, the show could only get better.

And it did, boy the show was excellent. bono really did his best. the only thing i vould remeber that wass not as good, was that bono couldnt reach a high note, but there was only applause for that, because he is also only human.

I heard that bono said that the heart was a bit quiet. but i dindt notice it.

in conclusion, This show was better as the pop tour, and i hope there will be another one in a few years, then i will take all my friends with me, because they cant miss this.

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