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"It's very hip to knock America and it really bugs me." — Bono

by Erik

We've had a great day yesterday at the U2 concert. We've arrived early, and walked around the Gelderdome first to buy t-shirts (prices between 55-60 gld.)and spotted a U2 trabant at the parking site. We joined the waiting line at 14:00 hours. There are two entrances to the Gelderdome, each just as long. The rush you get when you're running inside is thrilling: everybody running to get into the heart. There's an entrance at each side of the heart, but if you want to be able to get in: be on time, don't carry bags they have to check an RUN!
Just around the heart is the ring: there are also limited places for that one, so if you didn't make it to the center of the heart, you mide make it to that one.
The show was great. Funny to see the guys simply walking on to the stage contrary to the Zootour or Popmart. It is less show and more just about the music. There are 4 black & white screens which are fantastic!
I must agree that the sound was not great.
Sometimes you couldn't hear Bono sing.
Kelis wasn't as bad as you are made to believe. And I must add that I was somewhat ashamed that people were already shouting Boo when she hadn't even sung a note! I know we fans should be thrilled that U2 is such a succes these days, but now there are far more non-fans at the concert and you notice it. Some people are less friendly while real fans try to talk and have fun with eachother. There were even some people throwing beer into the crowd.
Still I had a great time and if you stil have to go: You will too !

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