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"At first I thought musicians, artists, novelists, painters should not be in the same company. Now I think we need each other. It was painters, poets, that gave us a sense of who we were. Politicians shut us out at their peril." — Bono

by Ruud Hermans

The minute they came on stage you could feel U2 were in great shape. Opposed to the 31th they were not late and had clearly recovered from the busy day before. You can always look at the set and which songs they played or did not play but the main thing is the atmosphere and above all the "vibe". And please believe me, it was there yesterday. When Bono does not pick a girl from the audience it does not mean it was not an excellent concert. as a matter fact it was even better! Most of all they seemed so relaxed, it looked liked they played Dublin. Improvising and playing there way through the set culminating in a stroll (all 4 of them) on the catwalk and back on stage with an outstanding version of "out of control". I've been seeing u2 live since 1982 and I must say that this concert will defenitely enter the top 3 of the "i don't know how many" U2-concerts i have attended

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