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"'Elevation' came from a sound, that abrasive guitar: 'We've really got to do something with that.'" — Adam, 2002

by maike

I was there on the 31st of july and tonight but I thougt tonight was ten times better then yesterday. Yesterday I was in the heart, today in the ring of 2000. And I think the second ring is better then the heart, even more so at the tip of the heart. The sound was of much better quality then yesterday, it wasnt that sharp anymore(see Hilde her fanreview from yesterday, I thought she was right). Yesterday Bono seemed very tired indeed, and the U2-magic just wasnt there. The crowd was boringly dull yesterday (even in the heart!). It all seemed to cost too much energy, for the band and for the crowd, if I may say so. But This Night, made it all up. The crowd was Superb(as allways in the past)and Bono was energetic, paying attention to people outside the heart. He still couldnt reach the high notes, but his voice seemed to do better this night, then last. Yesterdays kite, was very emotional, but it all seemed so sad...
But tonight it was all U2-magic again, they must have slept good and long, because according to me, this couldnt go higher(higher and higher). Elevation cumulus!!

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