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[M]y darling wife said that the only way she would get involved in this project is if I didn't have anything to do with the fashion." -- Bono, on Ali's Edun line of clothes

by Gina D''Ambrosio

This was the most unbeLIEvable night of my life, I was able to touch BONO as he walked past. I had my hand down the front of him. He grabbed it, and held it briefly, and smiled at me. I cried so much, and I threw up 4 times during the concert. I remember so clearly, Edge singing Daydream Believer with us, it was something I'll always remember. I think I felt GOD that night. I am and always will be a fan. I LOVE BONO!!! I also remember being scared to death that he'dfall out of that damn lemon!! All in all is was a night I'll remember on my death bed. U2 lives forever!!! So does my love for them.

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