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"I was such a lousy guitar player that one day they broke it to me that maybe I should sing instead." — Bono

by Todd Colucci

My third popmart experience in almost a week (May 31 and June 1st at Giants Stadium) was amazing despite some major sound problems. Edge's guitar sounded terrible during UTEOTW and then during the phenomenal solo in Miami it was barely audible.

Despite these problems, the band put on a phenomenal performance. The screen is something that cannot be explained in words, you have to see it. My view was blocked by the lemon at Giants Stadium, but fortunately I had a great view of the band all night. The highlights were Staring at the Sun with just Bono and The Edge. At Giants Stadium they had sound problems for that song so it suffered a little. But at Franklin Field the stadium felt like a small club during that song. The other highight was Please. As much as Bono tried, the crowd would just not get into the song. They really extended the song. I almost thought they weren't going to play Streets. Streets was great except for the problem with Larry's drumming. All of a sudden, near the end of the song, the drums got really loud. The most humorous moment was during Mysterious Ways. They didn't play the live intro with edge on the piano. I think Bono started the lyrics too early and the band just skipped over the intro. During Edge's solo, Bono wandered over to Adam and they both cracked up. I believe they were talking about Bono's miscue. Most of the audience probably doesn't even know that they play a version different than the album anyway.

The concert is phenomenal and a must see. I'll have to figure out how to make it to a concert on the thrid leg. Although I believe they will come back around in the Spring of 1998 for an arena tour. They owe it to the cities on the early part of the tour.

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