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"I don't think rock 'n' roll, to be authentic, has to be performed in tiny little garages or seedy little clubs . . . or that people in the band have to die of poverty." — Bono

by Eric

Well, this review is coming nearly 4 years after the show, but it is still one of my most memorable experiences. To start, I was a grad student at UPenn in '97 and when I heard U2 was playing Franklin Field on MY campus, I went nuts. I started out with seats in the stands, but eventually wound up with tickets right next to the B stage. I remember trudging to the FF box office and buying tickets as soon as the concert was announced in February.
The week of June 8th finally arrived. I went down to FF everyday to watch the crew set up the stage. It was pretty cool to see the lemon in pieces in the back of a truck. Sunday, June 8th was a perfect day - the weather was gorgeous. I had a BBQ at my apt. and several of my favorite U2 concerts were being pumped out of my stereo. I headed down to the soundcheck in the afternoon and it was quite surreal. As I was passing the library, the opening strains of I Will Follow were stretching out over the campus. I hung around for a while, went back to my house and then headed down to the show with friends and family. The concert was extrordinary - Bono and Co. were 10 feet away from me. It was a magical night - one that I will never forget.

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