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Boywas the opposite of machismo. I do think it's very unusual. -- Bono

by Lance

Hi Everyone!!!

I am still riding the crest of the wave...by the way, this is Lance (the FIRST person in the GA line). Yes, my brother Creighton and his girlfriend, Maria were the totally insane U2 fans that camped out 4 days prior to the concert!!! Creighton and I had a very comfy spot underneath a bush near the Frank Erwin Center. Maria seemed content in the arms of a statue. Hey we're not complaining. In fact, we had the greatest time of our lives, so far. We hope and pray to have many more with the "World's Greatest Band!"

It all started when we met Dondi from Oklahoma and then Crystal from Kansas...(we all want to thank you both very much, we never got a chance after the show)and off to our U2 adventure we went! We began brainstorming...where could they be? So, we headed to the Four Seasons Hotel day after day...we were unsuccessful in this endeavor, we even tried to visit all of the nitelite scenes...unsuccessful there too, but we had a great time nevertheless. Oh well, we wouldn't give up.

...the show day is approaching, we hadn't slept in three day. Now I must tell you, I wanted to get some sleep in the GA line, boy was I wrong. Creighton, Maria, myself, and Christine (U2 friend of ours) were interviewed throughout the entire day. They even took pictures of my hand with the #1 on it. All in all, the media attention was overwhelming for me and I was on cloud nine...still am. We got a chance to show some of our musical talents (which was none) in one of our interviews and sang Beautiful Day. Sorry Bono...we really messed that one up.

I first saw Bono pull up in his limo and made a quick dart to the car. Creighton and I had yelled so loud that Bono seemed a little taken back, but he smiled and gladly waved. Creighton put his camera in the car to snap Bono's face. Bono just smiled.

...and then on for autographs. This was the best part because I could tell Creighton really wanted to meet the guys, which he did (he had seen them many times in concert, but he had never met them). Even after all of that excitement...more fun to come (By the way, I caught a quick glance of Gwen Stefani and got a quick hello in).

First off, I have to take my hat off to NO DOUBT...excellent and Gwen Stefani is truly wonderful! She has so much talent, she is very sweet, beautiful and sexy. Of course, I am a little biased, seeing as how I seemed to get her attention throughout their performance. Truly loved her...forever a fan!!!

No Doubt was doing their thing and I was just in awe...the band is really terrific. By the way, I was the person that kept grabbing Gwen's hand...

I just loved the part when she sang directly to me (a few times), "you and me together." She came back later and sang to me, "you would make a great dad." And then if that wasn't enough, it was her and I that teased each other with, "I love you!!!" Yes, that was me. I must admit, I loved every second of it. Creighton and I ended up with her water bottles and I ended up with a drum stick from their drummer. What crazy guys we are...we would not give up our bottles.

Now onto U2! Maria and Creighton seemed to get quite a bit of attention from Edge and Larry. Larry kept similing at Creighton and Edge kept smiling and waving to Maria. I glanced over from time to time to see the glimmer in Creighton and Maria's eyes. I must admit I was trying to get the attention from Bono, which I did! I was the guy who held Bono's hand during the song BAD. He held it for 42 seconds...what a feeling! This was a feeling of aliveness, enery, happiness and in awe, yet very serene at the same time. It felt like a religious experience. I must admit too that it was very surreal looking directly into Bono's eyes. Maria and Creighton said he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and seemed to be praying. I am quite sure he was praying for all of us in the entire world.

Anyway, the concert was going just wonderfully, as usual. I have many wonderful photos of the entire band (may give Otto a run for the money). Creighton ended up with Edge's pick and Maria ended up with Bono's pick (the one they actually used in the concert - not the ones hanging on the microphone). I at least got yet another, water bottle...this time it was Bono's.

Finally, the band bows, waves and thanks everyone. One final hand shake for the three of us from the 4 guys.

Well, there are certainly many more details that I left out, but will forever keep them in my memories. Truly this was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Dondi, Crystal, Christine and of course all of our wonderful U2 friends. You guys are the best and we will see you soon.

Take care and be safe tonight.


Lance Gann
Los Angeles, California

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