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For the last 10 years of my father's life, every time we'd have a conversation he'd start it with, 'Would you just take off those stupid fly shades, please?' -- Bono

by RyanD

Well what can you say that hasnt already been said?? If you were at the show in Austin, you know how unbelievable that night was. Just imagine how a state as big as Texas seems to someone form Europe. Then realize that U2 were changed forever by the capital city of Texas. Austin is one of the coolest cities in America. It has one of the biggest universities and a night life and music scene that never fades. Even the capital building is taller than the White House. The only state that flys its flag the same level as old glory. Combine that with the fact that as Bono said during I Will Follow, "Ausin you changed me, you changed me, Thank You." Austin was on fire for U2 on Monday. The newspaper, the bars, the hotels, the University. The feeling was there, the moment was set, and the venue was made for this show. The top of the areana is white and everything projected there seemed like an Imax theater. But beyond the visuals, the feeling of a younger "college" crowd mixed with the diehards who figured this was the last Texas stop, made this show one to remember for everyone, includeing the band. The GA line was orderly and I had a great time waiting and was lucky enough to get in the heart. What a show it is from there. I have been in the stands in Dallas, at the very tip in Houston, and the heart in Austin. There is no comparison to how it feels to be in the middle of not only the power and emotion of a great band, but also eveything the crowd is sending out is comeing toward you and Bono. The combination of the visuals, the band, and the crowd combine to make the experience something that you need to experience to undestand. U2 has created something special for their fans. Reinvesting the money you give to them. They have created something that will be forever a part of who you are and your memories in life. Being in the heart is absolutely amazing, and you cant get more intimate unless you were a stage hand. To be in the heart is a privilage, not to be used up by anyone who dosent appreciate what they are experiencing. Do not go to the heart unless you are ready to get down, sell out, and live in every note of every song. As for the show, I have never heard the band play tighter. This was by far the best I have heard U2. The songs are fast paced and the time between is almost nothing. I think it is wonderfull. The setlists that everyone keeps talking about is sooooo good!! Why do they need to change it? The reason they had to stop, or got tired of where they were in the R&H period, was more to do with their image getting out of their control. As we can all see now there is undoubtably more to these guys than 3 cords and the truth, but no way are they tired of playing some of the best songs they(or anybody) have ever written. They played the majority of these songs on all previous tours also, so what is the big deal?. Anyway the setlist is great the visuals and stage are excellent.
Now all you need to do to top off an incredible show is make contact with them. So as Bono does his thing and Until the End of the World palys I move to the back of the heart, to get a better look. And as I lean on the rail, chest high Bono goes down 3 feet in front of me and takes this girls hand as Edge is going off on his bit, Bono puts her fingers in his mouth!! Wow!! the girl is freaking. Then he just lays there as the music plays, his hands down by his side. So I reach up and grab the tips of his fingers, it seems like I woke him from some dream he was in. As he slowly gets back up the Edge is about finished with his riff and Bono is looking straight at me through his chrystal green shades. This all takes place in about 5 seconds. And as he looks at me I let his hand go and yell to him with a clinched fist, "Go BONO!!, Go BONO! Come on!!" I know he heard me I was no further than 3 feet away. All of us back there felt like we gave back to Bono something that he was needing from us. I cant tell you how incredible the feeling of being one, with the crowd and the band resonated through that concert. The message Bono and the band bring together with the crowd is proveing something to each other. The message is look around at the people here, look up at me on this stage, we are all the same we can be together while being different. Just look at everything this concert is doing. If you make it to a show, please remember what it felt like. Remember how it feels to connect to a common goal, to a common good, to a common sound, to a common feeling of good nature/understanding and dare I say Grace. When you go see U2, try to understand the message, try to feel what is being produced, On second thought just get in the door, the rest will be easy. Forever Elavated and Enlightened. See you in Dallas

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