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"I'm proud of what we achieved in stadiums, but this record is not about that. There's no artifice." — Larry, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by G. Galvan-Duque

My second Elevation concert (after Miami1) and twelfth overall and needless to say it was again a full experience. The setlist was pretty much the same as what has been recently posted in the previous shows, no big surprises. Although quite powerful, Bono lacked some of his usual 110% energy (cant blame him after all he has done this year). Both Wild Honey and Please (both acoustic) seemed to cool down a bit the already high level of intensity of the show. Kite was performed magnificently as well as Bad and Bullet the Blue Sky (very Joshua Tree tour-like). Bonos voice, although not as energetic as usual, sounder crystal clear. The Edge is playing at the limit, he is an amazing guitarist. The venue was perfect and the intensity of the crowd was felt all along. My wife (7-month pregnant) felt our soon to be born baby-girl enjoying the show (especially One and Walk on). Too bad the concert was slightly shorter than two hours, I missed With or Without You and Out of Control. The recalls to the Sep11 attacks were very powerful and respectful to the American people, it is good to see that rock and roll can save the world (or at least make it feel better). BTW, thanks to our longhorn hosts (Pam / Daniel) and Gaby for taking care of Patricio so his parents could ELEVATE!!!!!!

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