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"Because I rarely rehearse, at first I'm at odds with the guitar." — Edge

by Stephen Ceresia

What a day!

What a night!

We got in line around 7:00am without our GA tickets. Propaganda was unable to come through this time so we had to go another route. It so happens that a friend's brother has a connection with Principle management. So at this point, we were on the guest list and our tickets would be released when the list was given to the box office around 6:30pm. Staff told us that doors would be at 6:00pm!! "Have faith" I told myself. Meanwhile, my friend who got us on the list was working with "Dr. BOB" (the facility doctor) to pull our ticket early.


The band starts showing up. Bono and Larry then Adam make their way to a crowd of fans that has gathered near load-in. Seeing this a sprint over and start to talk to Adam. Then Bono starts to come over the fence where I am with a smaller crowd and Adam. As he comes by I make my plea of help. I explained that we have been in line all day to get into the heart and run the risk of losing our chance if the guest list is released after doors. He listened very carefully, asked a few questions, expressed his concern and said he would see what he could do.

5:30 Still no word from the inside. Panic/Depression sets in. The staff let us stay in line but they said that if we got to the doors and still had no ticket, we would have to step out of line.

5:45 I get a call from my friend..."DR. BOB" scores and gets our tickets pulled early!! (Thank you Dr. BOB!!)

6:30 Doors. Not 6:00pm as we were told earlier.

Into the Heart.

We were center stage in front. No Doubt rocked and the new album will too!

The band took the stage and rocked Elevation.

The set-list was average with the suprises being Wild Honey and Please.

Bono's voice was almost as strong as Houston, the band was tight and spirits were high.

My father died in February and this song and record helped me deal with alot of the hurt and anger I felt with his death.

As the band played Kite, I began to cry a river. Toward the end of the song, during the last verse of "don't want to see you cry, I know that this is not goodbye" I was holding up the peace sign crying and Bono looked into my eyes, noticed I was sobbing and at the end of the verse mouthed "it's alright" to me, winked and then finished the song. Thank you for a wonderful night.

P.S. if anyone has a picture of me talking with Bono before the show, please email me.

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