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"To me the songs feel like conversations." — Bono

by mchagerty

Let's just say Bono wears a gold earring in his left ear.

That's how close we got to the catwalk on the right side of the heart Monday night. It was hard not to get crazy packed together so closely with so many other fans, especially with such a mind-numbingly awesome show!

Something came over me as soon as the first notes of Elevation began and I went tastefully freakin' ecstatic (unlike the wasted chick that kept bouncing into me as she danced). The highlight of the show was "Where the Streets Have No Name," which has got to be one of the best songs I've ever heard. As usual, Bono prayed before the song, thanking God for all the blessings he has given him. "How can I give back to God?" he asked.

During the encore, as U2 played "One," they displayed the names of the passengers and crew aboard the four airplanes from Sept. 11. That was incredibly emotional. I teared up a bit. It was beautiful. Bono emprovised "These are my sisters, these are my brothers."

The highlight of the show for me personally, though, was sharing the experience with my best friend Jay. His first U2 experience and my third, has left me on an emotional high from which I haven't descended yet!

Thank God for U2!!! Rock with meaning and purpose.

Michael Hagerty

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