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"If I was to choose my mode of transport, I'm not sure it would be a mirrorball lemon. I think I'll take the bus next time." — Larry

by Mat

First show from the heart, after Paris 1/2, Slane 1/2, London 1, Turin and
Zurich from various seats, and I have to say it was an awesome, astounding
experience... I guess it's too early to be able to write a real, objective
review, because my ears are still ringing, and my memories are still hazy... People inside the heart were extremely
nice, it really surprised me how mellow the crowd was...pretty cool! The set list was not that special, though, but still, the show was amazing. I was
really glad they played Please, it's definitely one of my faves, even if i like the album version better (and the single version even better). Glad they played the MLK speech during Pride, too, it brought back very good memories of Zoo Tv shows, and gave the song more strength. I cried during
One (once again!)... it was extremely touching, as usual, I guess the names on the screen behind the band helped, even if I'm not American... I took something like 100 pics during the show, I hope to put them online soon, I'll let you know.

PS. I also wanted to tell the guys I met in the line for the heart that I'd like to have their e-mail addresses (I'm the French guy, as you probably could tell). I found a French Teaching Assistant job in Austin College, Sherman, TX for the rest of the year, so I'll attend the show in Dallas on Nov. 25th. I'll hopefully see you there!

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