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"No one in Dublin was interested in us and we came down here as a last resort." — Adam, on U2 winning the Limerick Civic Week Pop '78 Competition

by anonymousfan

Just to clear one thing up on this show. A fan did not hand Bono the lyrics.

What happened was he looked down to see a lyric, and couldn't find his place. I started laughing, and others soon followed.....at that point he looked out, apparently at me, and said so you think you can do better genius (I was still to busy laughing).

He then picked up the lyrics, which A.J. had put on the tip in front of him and told the rest of the audience that they were the lyrics....that's when he said something about holding the lyrics and handed them to me....but others grabbed them on either side, thus blocking my view of Bono/Edge....Bono's guitar Tech was on the ground laughing at him for at least 30 seconds.

From what I could tell, Bono never looked at the lyrics again.

Afterwards he said something about needing/taking a speed reading course.

Overall, I'd say it's was 3 or 4th on my list...not as good as NY2 or NY5, but close
to Chicago1. Lots of crowd energy, and Bono's voice sound much better than it did at NY5 last week. Fairly standard set, but I love Please and Wild Honey, so it's all good.

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