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"The concept of a boy band is quite bizarre. It's a completely artificial version of the street gang, really." — Edge

by U2fox

I am exhausted. My ears are ringing. I have the worst headache ever. And this was about the greatest night of my life. I arrived at the Erwin Center at 4:45am on Monday morning, hoping against all hope that I would get my chance to be "on the rail" inside the heart. My dream came true. I ended up not only on the rail, but right there directly in front of the Man himself. For those of you there, I was wearing the number "7" Edge-style shirt. Having seen the boys 5 times previously this year, a couple of times within 3 or four "rows" of the front, I can honestly say that this experience exceeds the others by a factor of five. Just 24 hours later, my memories are not of each song played, but simply of being within an arm's reach of my favorite artist of all time. I was pumped even more when Edge came over to me before leaving--he saw my shirt-and gave me an approving nod and handshake. To top the evening off, Dallas Schoo came over to me and handed me a pick.

ps--I'm going to try to post some pics, hopefully they will show up. And by the way, 24 hours later, my ears are literally still ringing.

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